Faculty Spotlight – Interview with Dr. Robert Allen King

Dr. Robert Allen King at his Ph.D. graduation at University of Mississippi showing off his Buff Spirit

Originally from Slaton, TX, Robert Allen King came to Canyon as an undergraduate student and eventually earned three degrees from West Texas A&M University: a B.B.A. in Marketing, an M.B.A. with a Marketing Emphasis, and M.S. in Finance and Economics. He circled back to WT after he completed his Ph.D. in Marketing at Ole Miss and most recently won the 2019 Teaching Excellence Award in the Paul & Virginia Engler College of Business. Today he is an Assistant Professor of Marketing, Director of Graduate Business Programs, and the Wilder Professor of Business.

Interview Notes

Why did he become a professor? [00:00]
Why did he choose Marketing? [01:04]
A time during his academic career when he struggled in classes. [01:49]
Suggestions for students based on his academic journey. [04:12]
His favorite class to teach. [05:24]
What is the most unrecognized part of marketing that students are surprised to learn about?
Why he believes students enjoy his classes. [07:16]
Where does he see the world of Marketing in 20 years? [08:31]
What would he be doing if he weren’t a professor? [10:30]
People who have had an impact on his life. [11:17]
Why does he love to lead study abroad trips? [12:35]
Places he’s traveled and his favorite place to go. [13:43]
A funny story from one of the study abroad trips. [15:25]
Learn about his wife and pets. [17:19]
Dr. King has a style all his own. Hear about his crazy socks and fun lapel pins. [19:03]
What is his favorite board game? [20:29]
What is his favorite beer? [21:19]
His interests and hobbies. [22:25]
What is his best piece of advice? [23:48]

Dr. King in Palo Duro Canyon
Dr. King with his wife, Rebekah King, in Shanghai