Fit To Print

Faculty members are often viewed from the outside as having only one thing to do: teach classes. It’s a little more complicated than that, of course, with Professional Service also playing a role. This involves working on various committees, as well as a variety of local to national outreaches.

But there is a third area in which faculty are evaluated and expected to make contributions: Research. The Engler College of Business has had a culture of high-quality research for many years, pre-dating our move toward gaining AACSB accreditation. This found us recruiting quality new faculty with research potential, as well as supporting those already on the faculty to reach for the stars.

The value of quality research is profound, because the creation of knowledge makes the faculty member a better teacher in the process. They are also making an impact in their respective fields and among academic peers across the nation and world, helping establish the Engler College of Business as a high-quality institution on par with many much larger universities.

We have done just that. Each year, the faculty publishes many papers in highly regarded journals appropriate for the specialization of the faculty authors. In 2023 alone, our faculty has published 20 articles in scholarly journals. A small selection of them is on display in an enclosed glass inset in the hallway, a steady reminder of our successes.

“The faculty in the PVECOB have published a large and diverse body of research, and it helps the college stand out in valuable ways,” said Dr. Jonathan Shaffer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.