Legacy Spotlight – J. Pat Richmond

A College enjoys no better endorsement than through the successes its alumni achieve. This is ever more the case when alumni reach back to students in support and kindness. Meet Mr. J Pat Richmond, who is a cherished example of a supportive alumni who is paying it forward.

J. Pat retired from Glazers Wholesale Distributors after 46 years with the company. Over the last 29 years, he was in senior management as a Branch Manager and Regional Manager. J. Pat received the WTAMU Distinguished Alumnus Award at the 2009 Phoenix Banquet. He also received the Ambassador Award from the Engler College of Business in 2018.

We are always pleased to share stories of our successful alumni to inform, intrigue, and inspire those that follow and hope you enjoy this interview with J. Pat as he recalls what makes WT a special part of his life.

Interview Notes

00:30 – How did you come to interact with WT? 
02:04 – Are there any stories you would like to share about your tie to sports or any experiences from WT?
02:53 – Can you tell us about your experiences with being a student here at WT?
05:33 – Are there any times you have had a letter from a scholarship applicant that really had an emotional tie or a big impact?  
07:31 – Do you have any stories about Terry Pearson? 
09:45 – Can you tell us about some of Dr. Anne Macy’s classes you have taken.
11:38 – Are there any stories you would like to share about Dr. Terry?
12:27 – Dr. Terry nominated you for an award, can you tell us about that? 
13:20 – What is your favorite Dr. Abdullat story?
14:18 – Can you tell us a little bit about your time with Dr. Mills?
17:31 – What is your favorite thing about WT as a whole? 
18:57 – What do you think WT will look like 20 years from now? 
20:12 – Can you tell us a little bit about your job functions, things that you did and your responsibilities?
23:30 – Do you want to share your ties to Still Austins?
25:15 – Is there any advice you have for students currently, or maybe even future students?
27:56 – Is there something specific to you that makes you want to be a part of WT?