Legacy Spotlight – Joe Austin

A University is a wonderful social edifice that is designed to gather, bind, and enrich those who come into contact with it. As a social endeavor, it is often the processes, people, and relationships that one encounters that create moments for advancement and distinction. We are always pleased to share stories of our successful alumni to inform, intrigue, and inspire those that follow. Joe Austin is a College of Business Alumnus (Class of 1979) who earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. Joe’s story is compelling in that he identifies key people – administrators, faculty, staff, and peers – during his time as a student at WT that played a key role in positively impacting his future. Values that the college continues to hold dear today – student engagement, faculty accessibility, and a supporting and nurturing environment – are validated as elements of distinction for Joe during his time at WT. We are pleased that our strengths of character remain timelessly resonant with our students and alumni. Further, the ethos of the Texas Panhandle was clearly infused into Joe’s experiences at WT and served him well in career success at IBM, Microsoft, Juniper Networks, and the S20 group.

Interview Notes

How did you choose WT? [00:00]
How did you pick CIS as your major [02:02]
Why was one of the scholarship conditions to take a CIS class? [04:49]
What are some of your most memorable experiences at WT? [06:43]
How did your career get started? [10:04]
Can you take us through your time with Microsoft? [12:26]
What other jobs have you had throughout your career? [17:32]
How competitive are WT Grads in the workforce? [23:24]
What advice can you give someone just starting their career? [25:32]
What should students be studying to prepare for their future? [29:14]
What does WT mean to you and how has it impacted your life? [31:26]

Article about Joe Austin in the May 2002 Issue of Accent West