Legacy Spotlight – Mr. Don Williams

There is an idiomatic proverb that goes like this: “It takes a village to raise a child.” In this case, the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business, being much greater than the sum of its parts, shines as it provides a resource for an entire community. Often, the college, and the people who make it great, provides insight, inspiration, and value to many in the business community. What often ensues are deep connections between the college and the business community that are immeasurable. When these connections happen, the broader premise of the college as a resource rings true.

We are pleased to share a candid and insightful discussion with Don Williams, who is a business leader in the community, hailing from Muleshoe, TX, whose personal and professional life endeavors have been enriched by an association with the college. Mr. Williams has a fascinating life story to tell about successes in his personal and professional life. Mr. Williams reflects on what core values and habits have lead to his success and articulates the value of his relationship to the college.

This interview with Mr. Williams is filled with many useful insights, wisdom, and advice that would be valuable for all viewers. We are proud of our friendship with Mr. Williams and pleased to share his thoughts with you. Be sure to watch until the end as Mr. Williams offers one of his more poignant pieces of advice there.

Interview Notes

Tell us a little about yourself. [00:15]
How did your personal life help to develop your professional life? [05:24]
Do you have any stories to share about Amjad Abdullat? [07:47]
How did your relationship with WT develop? [09:38]
Do you have any stand-out experiences from WT? [11:02]
What made you want to be such a big part of the WTAMU and COB community? [14:01]
What led you to establish the Joachim Room? [15:41]
What about the Don Williams Professorship of Management? [16:58]
Do you have any favorite stories about the different scholarships you established? [17:48]
What is your best piece of advice for anyone who wants to make an impact? [22:08]
What advice would you give to students/ [25:37]
Do you have any final comments or remarks? [27:01]