Speaking Out

The Engler College of Business continues to build its outbound communication program. We are committed not only to staying in touch with our core constituencies (e.g., students, alumni, donors, local businesses), but also potential constituents. After all, like all universities, we are constantly looking to bring more people under our tent. While this email Newsletter is a big part of our efforts, it is only the tip of the iceberg, and the beginning of our outreach efforts.

For example, our ProfSpeak faculty blog is one of our premier communication vehicles. Faculty members provide essays on a variety of relevant and current topics that pertain to their interests and specialties, and write them in such a way that they are accessible to everyone. Our intention is to keep these essays as jargon-free as possible, saving those words and phrases for academic journal articles.

“ProfSpeak helps the WT faculty reach a different audience and inform our readers in short essay form,” said Dr. Elaina Cantrell Robinson, Co-Editor of ProfSpeak and Director of Social Media. “We routinely have more than 100 visits each day now.” The blog is now in its third year, and can be found at ProfSpeak.com.

BuffSpeak, the official Engler College of Business podcast, is in its second season. Numerous faculty have used it in their classes as part of assignments and exams, requiring students to listen and respond. “BuffSpeak allows us to bring thought leaders into long-form conversations,” said Dr. Nick Gerlich, host of the podcast. “Each episode is intended to enlighten, entertain, and add to the societal impact the College is making in other arenas.”

The podcast can be found at BuffSpeak.biz, as well as on Spotify and Apple Music. Faculty are using it in a variety of ways, including as guest speakers, and even exam questions.

Social Media is another avenue for communication, and the COB is active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These allow us to reach many audiences at once in a casual manner. “It is important for our College  to have a strong social media presence,” Cantrell Robinson added. “From photos to content and links, they allow us to bring people a little closer to us.” 

These accounts can be found by searching under Engler College of Business within each of the platforms.