Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

One of the best ways to broaden one’s horizons is through travel, and especially foreign travel. To that end, the College of Business has been committed to offering Study Abroad trips on a regular basis. They provide students and faculty alike a chance to experience other cultures, sampling food, beverage, and different norms and expectations along the way.

This year the COB hosted a trip to central Europe, specifically to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Dr. Robert A. King, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, and Dr. Anne Barthel, Associate Professor of Economics and Decision Management and the Hodges Professor of Business, served as faculty leaders of 14 students. The trip was held in the latter half of May immediately following Spring commencement exercises.

Highlights of the trip included visiting the Bundesbank, a brewery, the Salzburg Salt Mine, traveling by rail throughout the trip, and Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps. Language was not an issue in these German-speaking nations, between either Dr. Bartel’s native fluency, as well as the fact that English is commonly used as a second language. King recalled the takeaways of visiting a small brewery that was perfectly content being small, a concept not typically taught in business schools. The Bundesbank, the central bank of Germany, left powerful impressions, and the beauty of the Bavarian Alps allowed for many photo opportunities.

“Study Abroad as a whole is something we have tried to take a strong stance on as a college. Global and Ethics are a big part of who we are,” King said. And he is proud to be part of trips that sometimes find students not only taking their maiden voyage on an airplane, but even leaving the Panhandle for the first time. Costs are kept to a minimum so that student budgets are not stretched too much. This amounts to about $1700 plus airfare, meals, and souvenirs. The latter two are scalable depending on how much a student wishes to spend.

King recognizes that Study Abroad is life-changing for everyone, from the travel neophyte to those who have traveled extensively. “You can see it in every one,” he reflected.

The College of Business has other Study Abroad trips in regular rotation, including a Scandinavian tour that includes Denmark and Sweden. A decade ago, the COB co-sponsored two trips to London with the Communication Department in the College of Fine Arts. The College is also considering a UK tour, as well as partnering with a third-party provider to include an Asian destination in the mix.