Student of the Month – Fall 2020

October 2020 – Student of the Month

Cesar A. Vasquez
MBA – Marketing

My name is Cesar A. Vasquez and my hometown is El Paso, TX. I am currently working for Verizon Wireless in customer service as a coordinator where I support my peers and take escalated service calls for expert support.  I am working towards completing my MBA with a concentration in Marketing and I am currently on my second-to-last semester at this great institution.

What I like the most about West Texas A&M is that this institution has provided me with an opportunity to earn my post-graduate degree from the comfort of my home during these uncertain times. Additionally, all the administration staff and professors at the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business have provided me guidance, advise, and knowledge every time that I have brought up any concern or issue.  Even though my program is exclusively online, I feel just as supported, if not more, than as if I was physically going to school at WTAMU. Throughout my classes I have learned about many theories and practices, which I have already began to apply to my role as a coordinator at Verizon. Although most classes have been tough and require a lot of dedication, I feel like they have helped me develop a leader’s mentality which I did not have in the past. I also just want to give a shutout to Dr. Robert King, as his classes are some of some of the toughest classes that I have ever taken. However, I feel like I have gained so much knowledge and significantly improved many of my skills through intensive research and critical thinking.

“Cesar is one of the best students that I have had this semester for a variety of reasons, but the most prominent being the incredible work he is turning in on assignments.  After every assignment, exam, etc., I pick a few from those turned in to send out (anonymously) to the other students in the course to show examples of high quality work and Cesar can easily be picked each and every time.  I know Cesar will continue to be an exemplary student and look forward to hearing about all of Cesar’s future successes.”                

 – Dr. Robert A. King Assistant & Wilder Professor of Marketing

November 2020 – Student of the Month

Valda Kabia
MBA – General Business


I have enjoyed my time in the MBA program at this university because it has given me many opportunities for success that I would not have otherwise had. The College of Business has played a very big role in this through excellent professors such as Dr. Chauhan who are committed to the success of their students.  Also, the small class sizes have allowed me to achieve a high academic standard throughout my college career while also gaining practical skills and knowledge that can be used for professional advancement. 

“Valda is an impressive well-rounded student that excels in multiple areas. She is an international student from Vancouver, Canada, a student athlete sprinter with the WT Track team, and a current MBA student who boasts an impressive 4.0 GPA. Valda is genuinely interested in learning, and goes above and beyond to master the content of her courses. She is active with regard to participating, taking initiative, and developing relationships with those around her. I have no doubt that she will represent our College and Institution proudly as she progresses throughout her career.”

– Dr. Rahul Chauhan, Assistant Professor of Management

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