2020-2021 Student Awards

We recently recognized outstanding students and student organization leaders at our seventh annual COB Symposium.

The event, held April 28 in Legacy Hall in the Jack B. Kelley Student Center, also included honor society inductions and presentations by the Enactus and Media Minds student groups.

“The symposium enables us to celebrate the successes of our students and to recognize and honor our stakeholders. It promotes and encourages a sense of accomplishment and success that a student can carry with them for the rest of their lives. And it provides opportunities for other students in pursuit of excellence.”

Dr. Amjad Abdullat, dean of the Engler College of Business


Accounting and Finance Club (AFA): Canon Brown—Amarillo, TX

Canon Brown with AFA Faculty Advisor, David Clark

“Canon has been involved in the AFA for several years in multiple leadership roles culminating with him presiding as President of the AFA for the 2020-2021 academic year. During his tenure, Canon helped to facilitate the meetings which hosted community leaders coming to campus in order to engage with students about careers in accounting and finance. Canon’s positive attitude and availability in always helping with any task has made him one of the most memorable members of the AFA. Congratulations Canon!”

– David Clark and Karen Cooley, AFA Faculty Advisors

Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA): Miguel Cuevas—Amarillo, TX

Miguel Cuevas with ALPFA Faculty Advisor, Dr. Leslie Ramos Salazar

“Miguel Cuevas has served as a member and Historian/Secretary leader for ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America) student chapter at WT since 2018. He led the Salsa Contest for the group and won the People’s Choice Award for the good tasting salsa during Hispanic Heritage Month. He was also instrumental in the marketing and promotion of ALPFA’s first virtual fundraiser for Meals on Wheels, which raised $1,750. In several of his endeavors, he has proven to be a reliable, determined, and hard-working student, which will take him very far in the years to come.”   

– Dr. Leslie Ramos Salazar, ALPFA Faculty Advisor

Economics Club: Steven Webster—Amarillo, TX

Dr. Lee Stitzel, ECON Club Faculty Advisor with Steven Webster

“From the leadership he showed as Economics Club President for three years, to his management of the club’s social media, to his award winning student research, Steven has been an integral part of Economics Club. His dedication to the club was particularly evident in his consistency in attending our trips to Texas Tech Free Market Institute events and engagement with the George Mason University Public Policy Seminar. Steven demonstrated a high capacity as a leader, showing the ability to coordinate logistics and discussions for our Economics Club events. His work highlighted communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.”

Dr. Lee Stitzel and Dr. Ryan Mattson, Econ Club Faculty Advisors

Enactus: Jessie Castillo – Amarillo, TX

Jessie Castillo with Enactus Faculty Advisors, Dr. Marisa Crisostomo and Mr. Juan Gallardo

“Jessie is a project manager for the North Heights Linen Project. In his first year as a project manager for Enactus, he has grown immensely in his abilities to lead other students and communicate clearly with professionals and community members. His organization, diligence, and upbeat  personality makes him a true asset to Enactus, and we are so proud of all of his accomplishments.” 

Dr. Marisa Crisostomo, Enactus Faculty Advisor

Media Minds: Mason Pifer – Batavia, IL

Lynsee Bjork, Media Minds Faculty Advisor, with Mason Pifer

“As a new faculty advisor for Media Minds, I had a steep learning curve this year. Mason, who has been involved with Media Minds since his freshman year, has been a tremendous help in teaching me the basics – everything from video editing and studio equipment to how to help people be more comfortable in front of a camera and managing different projects. If I ask Mason to do a task, I never have to worry about whether or not it will get done. I am so glad he is part of our team.

Ms. Lynsee Bjork, Media Minds Faculty Advisor

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM): Heidi Torres—Van Alstyne, TX

Heidi Torres with Dr. Rahul Chauhan, SHRM Faculty Advisor

“Heidi is an exceptional student and professional that is an integral part of our SHRM chapter. Her enthusiasm, experience, positivity, and conscientiousness are invaluable, and we are nothing short of delighted to have her as part of our student organization.”

– Dr. Rahul Chauhan and Dr. Jillian Yarbrough, SHRM Faculty Advisors

Student Government Award: Emma Weinheimer—Groom, TX

Emma Weinheimer with Dr. Robert King, Faculty Senate Representative

“Emma is an exceptional student that is active across the college, university, and the local community. Having someone with her dedication, passion, and intellect is of the utmost importance in a role as visible and effectual as being a student senator. We are proud of all of her activities, but those as a student senator are undeniably important for all of us in the college.” 

– Dr. Robert King, Faculty Senate Representative


Outstanding General Business Student

Wendy J. Mayo
Degree: BBA – General Business with a Healthcare Management Specialization
Graduation Date: December 2020
Hometown: Perryton, TX

“I am currently continuing my education by studying medical coding and billing to become more impactful in the medical field. By learning more about the day to day functions of a hospital, my end-goal is to be a clinic operations manager. I would like to thank my advisor, Professor David Clark, professors, peers, and family for encouraging me throughout my time at West Texas A&M University. I can wholeheartedly say that I would not be the same person, or achieve such an honor, without the support I received from WT’s staff and students.”

– Wendy Mayo

Outstanding Management Student

Jennel Buchanan
Degree: BBA – Management
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Kirby, TX

“I plan to continue on with my education by enrolling in a Master’s degree program.  I also plan to take some time with my three boys.”

– Jennel Buchanan

Outstanding Marketing Student

Dakota Puga
Degree: BBA – Marketing
Graduation Date: December 2020
Hometown: Canyon, TX

“I have been working for Textron in their Leadership Development Program since January of 2021. This program helps me develop skills to help me escalate my career with the company. I have 3, 8-month rotations at Textron’s business unit all over the United States. So far I have been in Augusta, GA and I will be heading to Williamsport, PA next. I enjoyed my time at WT (as you can tell by this picture). I had a great 2 years at the campus with school events and intramural sports.” 

– Dakota Puga
  • Paul and Virginia Engler Student of Distinction
                                                                 Kalandria Edwards—Amarillo, TX 

Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Jenni Patriani Cardoso
Degree: BBA – Management
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

“My experience within the WT College of Business has inspired me to pursue management- specifically, a Human Resources position. I have been fortunate to have so many great professors that are passionate about leadership and that has spurred me on to my current aspirations. Post-graduation, I have accepted a full-time position with BSA that will set me up for success and give me an opportunity to gain experience before moving into a specialized role like a Human Resources Manager. I am truly excited to get started and represent the WT name! Go buffs!”

– Jenni Patriani Cardoso

Not pictured:

  • Outstanding Accounting Student                                       
    Olivia Forsberg—Amarillo, TX
  • Outstanding Computer Information Systems Student    
    Seth McCarty—Aledo, TX
  • Outstanding Economics Student                                         
    Lance Myers—Clovis, NM
  • Outstanding Finance Student                                              
    Jacob Harris—El Paso, TX
  • Carey Lyles Emerging Technology Award
    Gerardo Herrera Gonzales—Laredo, TX 


Outstanding MSFE Student

Andrew Hartman
Degree: M.S. in Finance & Economics
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

“I can’t say enough good things about the curriculum and faculty involved in the MSFE program. The increased specialization in Finance and Economics was a perfect fit for my career path. Working in Investment Operations, this degree will assist me in pursuing further opportunities in the investment industry.”

– Andrew Hartman

Outstanding MBA Student

Michelle Bateman
Degree: MBA – Healthcare Management
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Orlando, FL

“The flexibility of WTAMU’s MBA program has helped me grow in my career. I received opportunities to work in my field of healthcare marketing, but they required me to move across the country while I was still in school. Thanks to WTAMU’s online classes, I was able to pursue those opportunities while continuing my graduate program. Now that I have graduated, I am excited to apply the lessons I learned throughout my MBA coursework to my career.”

– Michelle Bateman

Outstanding MPA Student

Mary Hayward
Degree: Master of Public Accounting
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Amarillo, Texas

“During my time at WT, I have had the opportunity to build meaningful and lasting relationships with peers and professors, broaden my perspective on new ideas through study aboard and witness the positive impact I can have in the lives of others. I want to thank everyone, especially the WT professors, who have influenced, inspired and challenged me during my academic journey. Now onto studying for the CPA exam!”

– Mary Hayward

Outstanding MSCISBA Student

Nga Nguyen
Degree: M.S. in Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

“Pursuing a graduate degree from WT has been both challenging and rewarding. My professors encouraged independent thinking, growth, and development which has profoundly influenced my success.”

– Nga Nguyen

Outstanding Graduate Student

Arne van Mourik
Degree: M.S. in Finance & Economics
Graduation Date: December 2020
Hometown: Hovborg, Denmark

“My time at WT has shown me the importance of how you do things, not just that you do them. Delivery is everything and that shows when talking to professors, when engaging with student organizations and with people around the WT community. Having genuine interest in investing in yourself through your education, investing in your community through volunteering and engaging in the lives around you by listening and helping others when you can, all of these things shape you into a successful individual with a big network of people that are ready to assist you at any time”

– Arne van Mourik

CPA Accounting Education Foundation Award

Alyssa Perez
Degree: BBA/MPA in Accounting
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Plainview, TX

I’m extremely thankful for my time here at WT and all of the opportunities the College of Business has provided me. As one chapter closes, another one begins as I start my career as a staff auditor at Brown, Graham & Company, P.C. and work on obtaining my CPA license. 

– Alyssa Perez

For more information about Undergraduate Programs in the Engler College of Business, contact COBundergrad@wtamu.edu or 806-651-2525.

For more information about Graduate Programs in the Engler College of Business, contact COBgrad@wtamu.edu or 806-651-2500.