Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Eric Hoffmann

Dr. Eric Hoffmann grew up in Titusville, Florida, located just east of the Kingdom of the Evil Mouse and in the shadows of NASA’s launchpads. After competing in the state championships in discus and shot put in high school, Dr. Hoffmann completed a major in Economics and a minor in Mathematics at the University of Central Florida. In an attempt to avoid the real world for as long as possible, he then decided to pursue a Ph.D in Economics at the University of Kansas, where he studied Game Theory and Microeconomics. He took his first job as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, where he thoroughly enjoyed the music and the BBQ. He then got a call to come join the team at West Texas A&M University, and has never looked back. Dr. Hoffmann’s current interests include topological vector spaces, scholastic metaphysics, the Miami Dolphins, non-cooperative games with strategic heterogeneity, Scotch whiskey, Crusader Kings III, effectively running an experimental Economics laboratory, and keeping his petunias alive. 

Interview Notes

Explain the type of research you perform? [00:30]
What made you choose Economics? [02:34]
You used to be a shot putter. Can you tell me a little more about that? [04:07]
Why should students choose Economics? [05:07]
What is your favorite course to teach? [06:44]
There has been a big change in your life. Tell me about that [07:57]
You’re now a proud Texan but you grew up in Florida. What are some of your favorite things about Florida? [08:38]
Tell us about the people that have had an impact on your life. [09:36]
What is your best piece of life advice? [10:29]