ALPFA Chapter of the Year

In the Spring 2021 issue we had reported on the great success that Dr. Leslie Ramos-Salazar and the WT student chapter of the Association of Latino Professionals for America have enjoyed as the byproduct of their hard work and dedication to public service. On August 2nd, it would seem that the national organization agreed as the WTAMU chapter was recognized as chapter of the year at the organization’s annual conference. Through many outreach projects such as the Meals on Wheels fundraiser and blood donor drives, the chapter has provided an example of community leadership for all to follow. The College is extremely proud of Dr. Salazar and the students she advises for this deserved recognition and honor. The ALPFA chapter continued its mission during more difficult times and succeeded in connecting students and the Texas Panhandle community in a manner that has witnessed undoubted positive impacts.

Dr. Leslie Ramos Salazar, Faculty Advisor for ALPFA

When asked about the success of the chapter, Dr. Ramos-Salazar emphasized that an unwavering dedication to the mission of the ALPFA organization has guided the chapter’s success. Principal among ALPFA’s mission imperatives is to provide opportunities for leadership that inspires latino men and women to engage in service and leadership. As a hispanic-serving institution, these successes resonate soundly with tenets of that designation as well as the long-term vision and planning in the University’s long-range plan, WT125: From the Panhandle to the World.

As with most successes, ALPFA operates from plans and structures designed to ensure that students are afforded optimal opportunities to learn about leadership. Dr. Ramos-Salazar elaborates:

“In this student organization, students take the lead in selecting an agency or nonprofit organization to work with each semester. Students decide on the agency based on how they relate to the problem that the agency is trying to solve. For example, when ALPFA collected children’s books, they did so because they wanted to promote literacy in the Amarillo area.”

ALPFA also reminds students that altruism and purpose strengthen leadership and personal resolve to reach goals and achieve success in giving. Dr. Ramos-Salazar continues:

“…when the students collect food/etc., they do so to alleviate the suffering that comes from hunger, and that has led to several can/food drives and the latest Meals on Wheels fundraiser. By volunteering their time and helping on service tasks, the students realize that even taking small actions can make a positive impact in their community.”

Among the maxims that underlies many successful stories in leadership, persistence and perseverance remain key factors. Dr. Ramos-Salazar echoes these observations in how the ALPHA student chapter organizes and functions during the semester:

The organization strives to be active and consistent by offering at least one or two events a month. A part of our success is setting semester goals on the types of activities we want to develop or host. We write down goals as part of a goal activity to determine what students want. However, we are also flexible in such a way, that if a leader wants to launch an event or do something off schedule at random that will benefit the members, the leaders and I work to ensure that we make it happen.

The new 2021-2022 academic year promises to bring continued success for the ALPFA student chapter with a variety of active projects and opportunities. Dr. Ramos-Salazar provides some details on upcoming activities:

Toward the beginning of each semester, we have a meeting to establish a tentative agenda of workshops, trainings, speakers, and events. We also survey the membership to determine their interests and needs. The upcoming event “The Bilingual Advantage in Business” was brought up by one of our members who wanted to have an event about bilingualism and about how it relates to business. As a result, we will have the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce come talk to the students about that topic. We’d like to get students more involved with networking opportunities with the chamber. We will be hosting this event on October 22nd at 12:30PM in CC201 on the Canyon Campus of West Texas A&M University.

Prior to the pandemic, members of ALPFA visited children at Northwest Texas Healthcare System. Students from left to right: Veronica Potter, Jacqueline Alvarez, Brittany Perez, and Maria Huaco Zuniga

The Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business is proud of the students who work diligently to create opportunities for success, and equally proud of Dr. Ramos-Salazar’s leadership and dedication to our students. The ALPFA Chapter of the Year is a significant honor and a profound accomplishment for all.

For more information about ALPFA, contact Faculty Advisor Dr. Leslie Ramos Salazar.