COB Rankings

Many students base their university choice not just on location, cost, and availability of programs. Rankings also play a very important role, and in the current era of online reviews for practically everything we buy, it makes sense that degree-seeking individuals seek out what others are saying. And in the case of colleges and universities, those rankings come from the likes of U.S. News & World Report, Princeton, and other notable organizations. The Engler College of Business has enjoyed an increasingly long ride of stellar rankings, and this year is no different.

Our MBA earned numerous honors for 2023. Among them are #9 Best Online Program at Forbes, #19 Best Online MBA Program at Princeton, #48 Best Online MBA Program for Veterans at US News & World Report, #68 Best MBA Program at TFE Times, and #69 Best Online MBA Program at US News & World Report. The US has 355 accredited MBA programs, and our rankings attest to our excellence.

The relatively new MSCISBA (Master of Science in Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics) has also turned heads and received a #16 Best Online Graduate Information Technology Program. This is very impressive for a program that is only several years old.

Our MSFE (Master of Science in Finance and Economics) has grown steadily through the years to become a rock-solid degree and is recognized as such. This year TFE Times ranked it #2 Best Master’s in Financial Economics Programs, while US News & World Report ranked it #30 Best Online Master’s in Business Programs.

Fortune Magazine also sang high praises of our programs. They ranked our Online MBA program at 29th but then proceeded to also rank our Online MBA Program in Healthcare Management at #1 in the nation! They also ranked our Online MBA Program at #2 in Texas, our Online MBA program in the South at #10, our Accelerated Online MBA Program at #13, and our Online Program in Marketing at #19.

Finally, our BBA is also garnering a lot of attention at the national level. US News & World Report ranked it #15 Best Online Program for Veterans, #24 Best Online Bachelor’s Program, and #75 Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Programs. We proudly display the badges for these honors throughout the College of Business web pages.