Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Anne Macy

Dr. Anne Macy

We are pleased to feature Dr. Anne Macy, Edwards Professor of Finance, and recipient of the 2021 Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business Excellence in Professional Service award, in our faculty spotlight for this issue. ┬áIn an interview, Dr. Macy shares how long-term professional service remains a key ingredient in the long-term health of the college. For business faculty, professional service is both a cornerstone and keystone. As a cornerstone, the foundation of an academic’s professional life is to contribute: to the development of students, to the scientific discourse within their discipline, and in the enrichment of the institution and the community at large. In this manner, a cornerstone is foundational. As a keystone, professional service synthesizes the sum of professional activity in address of a fundamental question underlying the value of higher education: Cui bono (who benefits?). Higher education exists within the proposition that collective societal benefit is realized in the advancement of knowledge. It is our responsibility to account for the broad benefit that higher education holds for society and, as a professional keystone, faculty draw manifest our educational and research contributions in our professional service. Dr. Macy exemplifies both concepts: cornerstone and keystone. We hope you enjoy the spotlight on Dr. Macy wherein she shares thoughts on the importance and value of service.

Interview Notes

What is important about service and what does service mean to you? [00:00]
What are your thoughts on what makes you our award winner for this category? [00:54]
How have you participated with student organizations?  [02:16]
How are you involved in study abroad? [09:37]
What are your relationships with outside firms and donors? [12:58]
How do you connect with former students? [19:25]
Advising and Teaching Students [23:11]
What is your service to the profession? [25:47]
Do you have any closing thoughts on service going forward? [28:00]
What is your favorite memory at WT? [30:52]