Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Leslie Ramos Salazar

When it comes to stage and screen performers, a triple threat is someone who can act, sing, and dance. They are increasingly rare today. Academia has its rare triple threat too: the professor who excels in teaching, research, and professional service. It’s hard to be good in all three, because doing well in one or two often means compromising on the other.

But Dr. Leslie Ramos Salazar is that triple threat here in the College of Business. Everything she is today is the result of her family and the motivations of pivotal professors along the way, encouraging her to keep going. And go she did, becoming not only an exemplar among her colleagues in the COB, but also a shining light among the growing number of Hispanic students we serve. In recognition of one of her three skills, Dr. Ramos Salazar was awarded the 2022 Engler COB Research Excellence Award.


00:00 – Introduction and Dr. Salazar’s Research

02:56 – The Relationship Between Dr. Salazar’s Teaching & Research

05:20 – How Dr. Salazar Involves Students in her Research

08:02 – Dr. Salazar’s Favorite Project (at the moment)

09:14 – Dr. Salazar’s Favorite Project (of all time)

10:24 – Dr. Salazar’s Activities (Service & Teaching)

12:14 – Dr. Salazar’s Favorite Concept to Teach

13:11 – Dr. Salazar’s Favorite Experience at WTAMU

13:51 – Dr. Salazar’s Advice for Students