Faculty Spotlight – Interview with Dr. Nick Gerlich

Dr. Nick Gerlich is in his 34th year at WT. He earned his PhD and MBA at Indiana University, and his BA at Anderson (Indiana) University. His teaching specialties are Digital Marketing and Consumer Behavior, although he also teaches the MBA Seminar in Marketing. His research interests run the gamut from social media to consumer boycotts. In his spare time, he bicycles for fitness, and travels the country with his camera gear in search of vintage roadside signage and attractions. He is married to Deanna, and father of two young women, both of whom are current or graduated students in the COB.

This year, Dr. Gerlich has made several impactful contributions in the area of service to the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business. Dr. Gerlich was honored as the recipient of the 2022 Service Excellence Award, which is peer acknowledgement of significant contributions in this critically important function of the College.

Interview Notes

What does it mean to be a service provider as a professor? [00:00]
What are you most proud of during your time at WT? [04:31]
What is your favorite memory of WT? [05:44]
What was it like at WT in 1989? [07:23]
Fun faculty story with Dr. Jim Owens [09:24]
Building the foundation for online college courses [10:49]
Where does Dr. Gerlich see online education going? [15:31]
Dr. Gerlich’s hobbies [19:50]
Dr. Gerlich’s books [22:16]
Dr. Gerlich’s service predictions for the 2022-2023 year [24:50]