Introducing BuffSpeak: The Official Podcast of the Paul & Virginia Engler College of Business

The Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business recently launched its official podcast, BuffSpeak. Hosted by faculty member Dr. Nick Gerlich, BuffSpeak aims to bring local and far-reaching thought leaders to the microphone to inform and tell enlightening stories.

“I jumped at the opportunity to host the podcast,” said Gerlich. “As a veteran freelance writer and blogger, this is right up my alley. All I have to do is put a voice to the scripts I write.”

BuffSpeak can be found on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as Google Podcasts and as an audio-only channel on YouTube. Listeners can find BuffSpeak on these sites, or by going to for links, episodes, and more information.

Dr. Gerlich already has eight episodes recorded and completely edited for release this fall, on top of the teaser. He plans to release a new episode every two weeks throughout the year. Guests include faculty, local businesspersons, and national and international influencers who bring novel business ideas and concepts to the table.

“This is one way to collaborate and connect with our communities so we can share these conversations with our stakeholders, students, and alumni,” said Dr. Amjad Abdullat, Dean of the College.

Episodes are recorded in the Ray Bain Media Room in the College of Business, where Gerlich also has the ability to conduct phone-in interviews. Furthermore, all of the gear is portable, allowing for remote interviews onsite as needed.

“The podcast also provides content that professors can include in their courses,” he added. “It’s like having guest speakers without having to bring them to campus.”

BuffSpeak is the result of the collaborative efforts of the Media Minds team, which allows for students to be involved in editing and production. This gives them one more skill to put on their resumés, a very valuable skill at a time when podcasts are extremely popular. The podcast complements ProfSpeak, the COB blog that launched two years ago.

For more information about BuffSpeak, contact Dr. Nick Gerlich.