From New Delhi To Canyon

The MSCISBA program (Master in Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics) will welcome new students from India in the Fall 2024 semester. While the program has existed in the online space since its inception several years ago, it will soon be available on campus as well. This will allow for greater student enrollments, as dual modalities make it possible for students to select one over the other or a blend of both.

Also on tap for the program is the infusion of 30-50 students from India, who will take courses on-campus in Canyon. A fresh cohort of similar size is also expected in the following years. The College of Business is working with Miles Education Services, a Delaware company with experience in placing professionals in degree programs. They work closely with professionals in India, helping place them in degree programs and jobs.

The MSCISBA program is designed for a full-time student to be able to graduate in one calendar year. This entails four courses each in the Fall and Spring semesters, followed by two courses in each of the Summer terms, for a total of 12 courses and 33 hours.

By virtue of the added format and enrollment of a significant cohort, four previously online-only courses in the program will also be offered in traditional classrooms next fall. The remaining courses will be added in subsequent terms until the campus program is completely built out with two options. There will be no impact on those currently or planning to be enrolled in the online program; the two modalities will coexist side by side.

The arrangement with Miles and the students it will bring comes at a time when the College is focusing efforts on its niche graduate degree programs. The MSCISBA, along with the MSFE, Master of Accountancy, and the forthcoming master’s degree in Strategic Human Resource Management, set WT apart from many other colleges and schools of business. The new student cohort will help jump-start the campus version of the MSCISBA.