Where Credit Is Due

Peer review is the hallmark of higher education, covering everything from journal article publication to program review and accreditation. Call it iron-sharpening-iron, and it ultimately brings out the best in everyone.

A big part of the Engler College of Business’ successes stem from our accreditation with AACSB, which places us among the top business programs around the world. But we have gone the extra mile in seeking accreditation from ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology), which recently reaffirmed our programs in Computer Information Systems.

Typically, ABET accreditation is sought by programs in the STEM disciplines. At WT, our programs across campus in Engineering and Computer Science have earned accreditation. It is less common for business programs to seek ABET accreditation, and we find ourselves among 920 institutions and 4674 programs worldwide who have such credentials. More than anything, gaining (and maintaining) ABET accreditation in the Engler College of Business signifies our commitment to quality education.

Dr. Jeffry Babb, the Stan Sigman Professor of Business, was the point person this fall for ABET’s site visit. Just as with the AACSB visit earlier this year, the ABET visit required months of preparation, no less challenging than when we first earned the ABET mark. A review team will return in six years, which is the normal cycle.

ABET accreditation is a rigorous process, and being reaffirmed is another jewel in the COB’s crown. “This is yet another victory for the College. Having ABET is a great complement to our AACSB accreditation.” Babb said.

Having both accreditations is of great benefit to the College and the CIDM Department. “What sets us apart are the two layers of the College level from AACSB, and then as ornamentation on top of it–the jewel in the crown– ABET,” Babb continued. “If you’re not doing the right thing, they’re going to find it. It says that these guys can pass muster. They’re doing the right thing.”