Alumni Spotlight – Tammy Valentine

Tammy Valentine, MBA, CEO/Founder
Tammy Valentine, MBA, CEO/Founder

Tammy is the founder of LuckyTamm Digital Marketing. Although she will tell you, true luck is for the Irish and success is the result of good ole’ fashioned hard work. Hard-hitting, direct, and forward-thinking describe Tammy’s approach to relationships. Her background encompasses content marketing, advertising, business development, and brand management. Tammy has helped organizations build digital communication programs working in all types of industries including nonprofit, government, high tech, real estate, construction, and professional services. Tammy’s true passion is business development, leadership, and building strategic communication programs that improve a client’s bottom line. When she’s not working, Tammy enjoys CrossFit, reading, writing, and craft beer. Tammy’s educational background encompasses a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from West Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from West Texas A&M University.


Tammy’s love for Canyon and the Texas Panhandle began in middle school when her parents sent her to basketball camp at Bob Schneider’s Camp of Champions at WTAMU. For six years, Tammy attended the summer camp, spending each summer in a different dorm (Shirley, Cross, Cousins, and Jarrett) and exploring the campus including The Caf, The Box, and the Activities Center. With the border-state tuition combined with campus familiarity and comfort with the small town of Canyon, WTAMU was the obvious choice for college.

As a major of Mass Communication, storytelling and information gathering was a must for all students. The award-winning MCOM program was beneficial in setting the tone for tight deadlines, professionalism, efficiency, and developing thick skin. Upon graduation in 2009, Tammy landed in Colorado Springs, Colorado working as the Marketing Director for a paintless dent repair company.

After the company went bankrupt, she went to work as a technical writer for an R&D company in Raton, New Mexico. Despite the excitement of working with government organizations like the Department of Defense and Border Patrol, over the course of several years she began to despise the bureaucracy and accepted a remote position working as the Brand Manager for the Weldon Long Organization. Unfortunately, after six months of employment, Tammy and several other positions were eliminated, and the company was acquired by another organization. It was in these humble moments, Tammy decided that working for herself instead of depending on others might be the next best option, and with that LuckyTamm Digital Marketing was born.

Fast-forward several years and despite the success of the business, Tammy knew there was something missing in terms of understanding the business side of her organization. Enter the WTAMU MBA program. The MBA program not only helped elevate Tammy’s business acumen but also connect the dots on how she can run her business under the same principles she was taught during her undergrad. Both degrees amplified her ability to tell stories — business stories — while creating a new model of virtual leadership in digital marketing. The affordability, accreditation, faculty, and distance education format the WTAMU MBA program provided Tammy the ability to run her business while working simultaneously on her degree. Now, she is ready to take on new industries, hire new people, and expand her client portfolio.


Founded in 2013, LuckyTamm Digital Marketing, LLC. is a Rio Rancho, New Mexico-based firm working to assist clients across the nation tell their business stories through the four-step process of research, strategy, implementation, and evaluation. Our mission is to provide communication and marketing solutions that inspire others to embrace technological changes through transparency, creativity, and forward-thinking practices.

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