2021-2022 Community Awards

Outstanding community leaders were recently honored at the Eighth Annual Engler College of Business Symposium. The event, held April 27 in Legacy Hall, also included awards presented to outstanding students and student organization leaders.

The support of the community and local organizations are essential for the success of the College. Such support provides the incentive, motivation, and purpose to strive for excellence and higher successes. Those community leaders who support the College do so out of their enthusiasm for our College and the promise it holds to enrich the lives of our students. Their motivation is not to seek recognition, but that of genuine and heartfelt altruism.

As a dean, I recognize and appreciate two major attributes of our University and our College. First, the commitment and dedication of everyone at WT to our student success. And second, enthusiastic support from all levels of the community for our beloved College and University.

Dr. Amjad Abdullat, Dean of the Paul & Virginia College of Business

Engler College of Business Ambassador Award: Dr. Stanley Schaeffer

The Ambassador Award is given to a community leader with notable societal impact, extensive public service, and lifetime achievements that exemplify character, leadership, and high integrity. 

Dr. Stanley Schaeffer is an inspiration and the embodiment of the values and mission of the Engler College and the University. Having earned both a Master and Bachelor of Business Administration at WT, Dr. Schaeffer is a dyed-in-the-wool, through and through supporter of the College and University. As a model of leadership and service to his Alma Mater, the Engler College of Business is exceedingly pleased to recognize Dr. Stanley Schaeffer.

Previous Ambassador Awards were given to:

  • 2021 – Stan Sigman
  • 2019 – T. Boone Pickens
  • 2018 – J. Pat Richmond
  • 2017 – D. Smith Ellis
  • 2016 – Paul Engler
  • 2015 – Myrt Wilder

Engler College of Business Employer of the Year Award: Amarillo National Bank

The Employer of the Year Award is given to organizations that advance internship and employment opportunities for Engler College of Business students.

Amarillo National Bank has been an ardent supporter of the Engler College consistently over the years. It could be argued that there is no greater gesture of support and approval than when an organization like Amarillo National Bank remains dedicated to hiring our graduates. With a significant number of alumni employed, and a high degree of employee satisfaction, Amarillo National Bank is an example of long-lasting partnerships that are foundational in community support of the Engler College.

Previous Employer of the Year Awards were given to:

  • 2021 – Excel Energy
  • 2019 – CGI
  • 2018 – Merrill Lynch
  • 2017 – Brown, Graham & Company, P.C.
  • 2016 – Bell Helicopter
  • 2015 – Happy State Bank

Engler College of Business Horizon Alumnus Award: Mr. Marwan Touma

The Horizon Alumnus Award is given to an alumnus that has established significant career advancement in early stages of their career.

The purest proof of the value and benefit that the Engler College of Business presents to the community can be measured in alumni success. We are pleased to recognize Marwan Touma for his success with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management after graduating from West Texas A&M University with a Master of Finance and Economics degree. Marwan brings with him valuable prior experience working in finance and banking industry in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Previous Horizon Alumnus Awards were given to:

  • 2021 – Kolten Wilder
  • 2019 – Chris Lyons
  • 2018 – Alex Hanson
  • 2017 – Brady Marr
  • 2016 – Luke Longhofer
  • 2015 – Silas Girgis

Engler College of Business Legacy Award: Mr. David Schaeffer

The Legacy Award is given to a person/family or corporation that provides various forms of support to Engler College of Business students.

Legacy is a powerful work that suggests an enduring gift of merit and impact. We honor the legacy of the Schaeffer family and their impact on WT and the Engler College in our recognition of The Friends of David Schaeffer Family, which we have presented to David Schaeffer. David’s friends have raised $500,000, to be allocated to student scholarships, in honor of David’s accomplishments in the Panhandle community.

Previous Legacy Awards were given to:

  • 2021 – Friends of Stan Sigman
  • 2019 – David and Sherry Schaeffer
  • 2018 – Paul & Virginia Engler Foundation
  • 2017 – Hassan and Jill Dana
  • 2016 – Don and Dorothy Patterson
  • 2015 – Dick Railsback

Engler College of Business Faculty Hall of Fame: Dr. Barry Duman

The Engler College of Business Faculty Hall of Fame Award recognizes and honors faculty emeriti who have made significant contributions to the life of the university and students through their teaching, service, and scholarly work. Nominees must have retired as full-time faculty members in good standing at least three years prior to nomination. In addition, candidates must have taught full-time at the university for not less than ten years.

Among the most satisfying recognition an academic can receive is that which comes from peers. Peer review is a mainstay of accomplishment for academics and is always hard-won through consistent and considerable effort. As a valued mentor and exemplary educator, the Engler College is proud to recognize Dr. Barry Duman. Dr. Duman joined the faculty in the college in 1969 and retired in 2009. As we stand on the shoulders of giants, it is important to recognize those who have provided elevating opportunities along their journey. We enthusiastically recognize Barry as a model of support, encouragement, and personal growth for so many. We will forever be grateful for Barry’s commitment to his students and his tireless commitment to West Texas A&M University.

Previous Faculty Hall of Fame awards were given to:

  • 2021 – Ms. Jean Walker, Instructor of Finance