2021-2022 Student Awards

Outstanding students and student organization leaders were recently honored at our Eighth Annual Engler College of Business Symposium.

The event, held April 27 in Legacy Hall, also included honor society inductions and presentations by the Enactus and Media Minds student organizations.

As a dean, I recognize and appreciate two major attributes of our University and our College. First, the commitment and dedication of everyone at WT to our student success. And second, enthusiastic support from all levels of the community for our beloved College and University.

Dr. Amjad Abdullat, Dean of the Paul & Virginia College of Business


Accounting and Finance Association (AFA): Jacob Pennington – Amarillo, TX

The Accounting & Finance Association (AFA) is a student lead club whose mission is to advance the study of accounting and finance by providing opportunities for students to learn about careers in the respective professions. The AFA sponsors interaction with professionals in the accounting and finance fields in order to promote networking, internships, and career opportunities for students at WTAMU. 

Jacob Pennington with AFA Faculty Advisor, Mr. David Clark

Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA): Georgina Anderson – Amarillo, TX

The Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) is a Latino and international student chapter that was created in 1972. ALPFA has 45 student chapters that focus on providing professional workshops, career resources, and networking events to develop student character and leadership.  

CFA Research Challenge Award: Levi Zemanuel – Amarillo, TX

WT’s CFA Research Challenge team competed against teams from across Texas and Louisiana in the Charted Financial Analysts’ Global CFA Institute Research Challenge.  Students are tested on their core knowledge of equity investments; leadership, management and communication skills; and standards, ethics and regulations. Students present their recommendations to and answer questions from prestigious industry judges.  

Levi Zemanuel with CFA Research Challenge Faculty Advisor, Dr. Anne Macy

Economics Club: Levi Zemanuel – Amarillo, TX

Economics Club is a student and faculty organization supported by the Koch Foundation since 2013. Econ Club mentors student research and engages students with current economic problems.  

Levi Zemanuel with ECON Club Faculty Advisor, Dr. Ryan Mattson

Enactus: Gabriel Beattie – Midland, TX

Enactus is a student organization that uses the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world.

Gabriel Beattie with Enactus Faculty Advisors, Mr. Matt Loftin and Ms. Marisa Crisostomo

Media Minds: Justin Lovell – Canyon, TX

Media Minds is a student organization that focuses on the creative side of business. Students gather content for our social media posts, create graphics for marketing needs, and produce videos to help promote our college. 

Justin Lovell with Media Minds Faculty Advisor, Ms. Lynsee Bjork

Paul & Virginia Engler Student of Distinction: Becca Orthengren – Canyon, TX

This award was created to recognize a student who doesn’t fit in just one category of excellence in the college.  This student crosses over different programs and student activities and makes a contribution in all of those areas.  

Becca Orthengren

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Award: Anam Syed – Sugar Land, TX

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is designed to maximize the competitive advantages that our students have in the workplace. SHRM serves its students’ by expanding their professional networks, preparing them for the powerful SHRM-CP certification exam, providing professional attire, and ultimately aiding them in securing employment.  

Anam Syed

Student Government Award: Emma Weinheimer—Groom, TX

Students in Student Government work closely with faculty and staff to ensure an academically challenging University while providing many opportunities for fun.

Emma Weinheimer with Associate Dean of Graduate Business Programs, Dr. Robert King

Women in Business Award: Andrea Mata – Amarillo, TX

Women in Business is a student organization that provides a supportive and encouraging environment for women who are considering a career in business. The group connects students, faculty, alumni, and professionals to promote personal development, professional opportunities, and empowering relationships.  

Andrea Mata with Women in Business Faculty Advisor, Dr. Katelynn Sell


Outstanding Accounting Student

Molly Forsberg
Degree: BBA – Accounting
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

“Some of my favorite moments at WT included having the opportunity to build relationships with my professors and having them pour into me (Ms. Cooley, Mr. Clark, and Dr. Solis to name a few!).

Getting to work as an accounting tutor with my twin sister in educational services was also one of the sweetest times I had at WT. I loved working with students and seeing their success!”

– Molly Forsberg

Outstanding Computer Information Systems Student

Jeremiah Roussell
Degree: BBA – Computer Information Systems
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Allen, TX

Outstanding Economics Student

Andrea Mata
Degree: BS – Economics
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

Outstanding Finance Student

Landry Ritchey
Degree: BBA – Accounting and Finance
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Seminole, TX

“My favorite thing at WTAMU is the closeness I have gotten to experience with students and professors. I always felt welcomed by professors during their office hours, leading to great conversations, many of which were with Ms. Cooley! I also met fellow students and my future wife through the Buffs for Christ student ministry, where God has blessed me in more ways than I could count.”

– Landry Ritchey

Outstanding General Business Student

Madeline Kleinschmidt
Degree: BBA – General Business with an International Business Specialization
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Kenai, AK

“My favorite experiences while attending WT have come from the myriad of organizations I have been involved in. Traveling to Kansas City for the National Enactus Expo with my team and presenting all our hard work to the judges was a particular highlight, as was participating in and graduating from the Rogers LEAD WT program.”

– Madeline Kleinschmidt

Outstanding Management Student

Jessie Castillo
Degree: BBA – Management
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

“A notable experience while attending WTAMU was getting to plan, manage, and execute Buff Branding for incoming students. It was rewarding to see the students having the time of their lives during the 3-day event.”

– Jessie Castillo

Outstanding Marketing Student

Eemeli Jarvinen
Degree: BBA – Marketing
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Nurmijarvi, Uusimaa, Finland

“I really enjoyed learning a whole different culture and language while studying at WT.”

– Eemeli Jarvinen

Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Bailey Brown
Degree: BBA – Management with a minor in Agribusiness and Economics
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Blair, NE

“My most notable experience was the honor of getting to know and work with the faculty and staff in the College of Business. I can confidently say they have changed my life, and I will always cherish the time I have spent here at West Texas A&M.”

– Bailey Brown

Carey Lyles Emerging Technology Award

Barek Bentley
Degree: BBA – Computer Information Systems
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

“I plan on working locally in an IT role eventually specializing in cybersecurity. I want to ensure other students locally, specifically at the AmTech Academy, feel a sense of community within the IT field locally to keep future talent local. My tentative plans are to bring back the Amarillo Tech Meetup, plan hackathons, and encourage mentorship between local professionals and high school students.”

– Barek Bentley 


Outstanding MSCISBA Student

Nirmala Narasimhan
Degree: MS – Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

“I am planning to pursue a career in Data Analytics and customer relations.”

– Nirmala Narasimhan

Outstanding MSFE Student

Daniel Reddaway
Degree: MS – Finance and Economics
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Madison, WI

“My future plans are to pursue the CFA certification and work as a financial consultant. At some point I may look at pursuing an MBA.”

– Daniel Reddaway

Outstanding MBA Student

Madison Thetford
Degree: MBA – Marketing
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

“One of the most notable experiences I had at WT was being a part of the Rogers LEAD WT program. This program helped me seek and develop my skills as a leader, as well as give me real-life opportunities to make a difference in the community. I will always be thankful for the Rogers LEAD program, and hold those memories dear to my heart.” 

– Madison Thetford

Outstanding MPA Student

Olivia Forsberg
Degree: Master of Professional Accounting
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

“I have had the privilege of learning from and working with some of the most wonderful professors at WTAMU. While attending WT, various professors in the college of business have taught me so much not only about their profession but also about life experience in general. The accounting professors in the college of business have become mentors and role models for me to look up to not only as teachers but also as leaders, coworkers, and friends.”

– Olivia Forsberg

Outstanding Graduate Student

Ashley Pickerill
Degree: MBA – General Business
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

“My long term goals include continuing my growth at a company where I may contribute my knowledge, background, and skillsets to deliver value to the organization overall. I also plan to continue to mentor to small business owners to increase their understanding of general business in the spirit of entrepreneurship.”

– Ashley Pickerill

CPA Accounting Education Foundation Award

Olivia Forsberg (shown above)
Degree: Master of Professional Accounting
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

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