Legacy Spotlight – Dr. Stanley Schaeffer

What is a legacy? Among many derivatives of the word, a legacy is certainly an enduring gift and a matter of import which is carried forward as a community grows. A legacy is also a gift, a means of paying forward into society for the benefit of those for whom a trail has been blazed.

We are pleased to have bestowed the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business Ambassador Award upon Dr. Stanley Schaeffer on April 30th at our Student and Community Symposium. Here we further highlight Stanley in his fascinating story and perspective. We know Stanley as an ardent supporter of the college and a big booster and fan of West Texas A&M University. Stanley was born and raised in the immediate area and has been touched by the Canyon area, and WT, throughout his life.

We are confident you will enjoy this interview with Stanley as he recalls what makes WT a special part of his life that is worth supporting and cheering for.

Interview Notes

00:45 – Beginnings
01:23 – What made you decide to go to WT
05:00 – What was your major at WT?
07:27 – What was your best memory from being a student
08:17 – William F. Haggard and what made him a good professor
10:40 – Story about Geneva helping pick projects
15:25 – Love of sports
15:40 – Favorite memory of traveling with athletes
16:25 – How do you see the future of WT
19:42 – What was a favorite trip you have taken
20:55 – Father was in WWI and WWII
23:45 – Went to work for Pioneer Natural Gas
26:20 – Career was a stair step of progress
26:30 – “You are who you associate with”
26:50 – “Always associate yourself with good people and you will be successful”
27:50 – One piece of advice to students today
28:10 – Education is not the solution to all your problems it’s what you do with it
29:31 – What’s in the agenda for the next 25 years
31:15 – Thank you and more memories of Geneva
32:25 – The many fun projects of Geneva
33:48 – Final words
34:20 – “You need to give back to the people who helped you get to where you are in life”