More Than 40 Years of Service to the College – Dr. Jim Owens

A pillar rests on a foundation and upholds the grand edifice of great structures, or at least it is so in classical greek architecture. However, this metaphor works well when we describe long and enduring contributions that are possible in the course of a fruitful and long-lasting career in higher education. This year, a dear colleague – aptly likened unto a long-standing pillar of the college – has decided to retire. After having positively impacted many thousands of students over a forty-plus year tenure of service, Dr. Jim Owens has decided to retire. Dr. Owens has demonstrably improved the lives of his students, his colleagues, and the broader community.

In this video, we honor Dr. Owens’ journey in the College by highlighting his insights and testimony from those for whom Dr. Owens’ have deeply touched. We are confident you will enjoy this story of enduring Dr. Owens’ commitment to the mission and principles of the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business.