The Friendly Faces of our Advising Staff

Whereas the longest traditions in higher education reside within the faculty-student relationship, there is an equally vital resource without which these faculty-student relationships would not be possible. The Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business is very proud to highlight the friendly faces of our advising staff who are ever-present in service to student success.

The immeasurable value our advising staff provide resides in their ability to put the student at ease. As advisors, they provide steady and sure guidance for our students as they navigate the curricular requirements of their degree program, and any issues that arise along the way. These advisors do so with equal measures of care and support that keep ours students firmly on the path to success. Our advising staff are masterfully resourceful and adaptive with the principle aim of finding solutions to a variety of challenges that our students may face. Any encounter with the advising staff will result in an assurance that the student will always be taken care of.

In particular, this orientation pays dividends for students who are pursue online degree programs. The need for guidance is often more acute when students need help over the phone or via digital conferencing technologies. We are particularly proud of our advising staff as they often go far above and beyond to help our online students.

Please allow us to better acquaint you with our advising staff and join us in recognizing the critically-important services they provide to our students.

Undergraduate Advising Staff

Darlene Brasington

Darlene is a native Texan who hails from Oklahoma City. She earned a Master of Business Administration degree from West Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Oklahoma State University. Prior to working at WT, Darlene studied to be an English teacher but never got around to actually teaching high school English. Instead, Darlene’s journey lead her find success in internal audit and compliance as an operations manager. Darlene puts these skills to use in the advising process, as degree audits are a vital last step for a student as they graduate. Darlene joined the Engler College in 2019.

“I enjoy working behind the scenes to help ensure students understand how their courses fit together. One of the perks of my job is planning commencement, from start to finish. Getting to know our graduates, most of whom I have never met during commencement planning, is a rewarding experience.”

– Darlene Brasington

Brandy Carr

Brandy Carr hails from the south of Texas, calling Comstock, TX her hometown. An Aggie, Brandy earned her Master of Science and Bachelor Science in Animal Science from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. Brandy brings a wealth of experience in advising, particularly her knowledge gained by working with transfer students from her twelve years as the transfer student coordinator in Advising Services at WT. Brandy joined College in 2021.

“I enjoy working with students, hearing their unique stories, and providing them with the information needed to make the best decisions for themselves. We get to work with students throughout their college careers, showing them opportunities, helping work through challenges, and celebrating their successes.”

– Brandy Carr

Verónica Potter

Verónica is from Teocaltiche, Jalisco, Mexico and earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in General Business, with an International Business Specialization, and a minor in Finance, from West Texas A&M University. Before her current role, which she started in 2018, Verónica worked as a Student Worker and Faculty Research Assistant during her studies in the Engler College.

“Among the most rewarding experiences for me as an Academic Advisor is seeing my students walk across the stage during the Commencement ceremony. I get to see their excitement and emotions as their names and degrees are announced. Sitting behind the scenes, I get to celebrate them for their dedication, hard work  and sacrifices. I am certain our students will achieve many great things, and to know that I played a tiny role in such accomplishments, makes all the extra work worthwhile.”

– Verónica Potter

Michelle Vinyard

Michelle calls Shamrock, TX her hometown and earned her Master of Business Administration, and her Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in Management from West Texas A&M University. Michelle had previously worked in Tutoring and Testing (formerly known as Educational Services) for two years prior to joining the Engler College in 2016.

“I enjoy working with students because it is a way for me to give back in a sense. I received valuable information and insight from my academic adviser years ago when I transferred to WT. I will forever be grateful for the quality time spent helping me sort out my career goals and major options as an undergraduate student. A degree should be considered as an investment and

I feel as academic advisers we are obligated to help our students make informed/educated decisions and determine the most sensible way to achieve their career goals and aspirations.”

– Michelle Vinyard 

Graduate Advising Staff

Misty Hobbs

Misty is from El Paso, Texas and has earned her Master of Business Administration in Management and Bachelor of Music in Music Business from West Texas A&M University. Misty brings a variety of previous on-campus experience having previously worked as Assistant Director of Athletics for Event and Ticket Operations for a year, as Emergency Loan Coordinator/Financial Accountant I for five years, and as Assistant Bursar for the University’s Accounting and Business Office a year and a half. Misty joined the Engler College in 2019.

“It is always interesting to help applicants find the program that is the best fit for their career goals. They come from all stages of life ranging from new graduates to established medical professionals, CFO’s, CPA’s, business owners, retirees, and those looking to change careers. Our applicant population is incredibly diverse.”

– Misty Hobbs

Lisa Mitchell

Lisa is from San Jon, New Mexico, which is just over the border from the Texas Panhandle. Lisa earned an Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from West Texas A&M University. Previously, Lisa worked on campus as a Financial Analyst and Switchboard Operator as student worker. Lisa joined the Engler College in 2014.

“I enjoy creating a process that is easy and manageable by everyone. With all the stresses we all go through I enjoy taking a little bit of stress off student’s plates and getting to see them pursue lifelong dreams of getting a Graduate degree.”

– Lisa Mitchell