Message from the Dean – Winter 2020

As we enter into the Christmas and Holiday season, we have much to be grateful for and to celebrate, even in the face of a very challenging year for all of us. This is my first holiday season as the Dean of the Paul and Virginia College of Business, and, in that spirit, I extend all of the season’s greetings to you. The winter break is a reflective time and a season of family, friends, loved ones, and a variety of profound personal observances. I wish you peace, health, good spirits, and blessing. Read more

Alumni Spotlight – Dalton Bell

By Dr. Oscar Solis A Hometown Hero Fans of West Texas A&M University football might not have noticed Dalton Bell when he arrived as a freshman in 2002. The small-town student athlete was the eighth-string quarterback on the roster, and his WTAMU scholarship amounted to $500 for books. Little did the fans know, but that was all the opportunity that Dalton needed to rise from his humble beginnings. Combining determination and perseverance with a WTAMU education, Dalton has now transitioned from a professional football career into a successful real estate career. Read more

Thank You to Dr. Neil Terry

While 2020 has been a remarkable year in many respects, among the notable occurrences was Dr. Neil Terry’s promotion to Executive Vice President and Provost. Dr. Terry’s leadership and resolute character provided the cadence, rhythm, and course for the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business that is still very discernable. However, Dr. Terry also touched the lives of many in the college in ways that developed the strengths of the individuals as they, in turn, strengthened the college. As we look back on 2020, we have created a thank you video of testimonials from those who have shared in Dr. Terry’s journeys Read more

Legacy Spotlight – Hassan and Jill Dana

Hassan and Jill Dana, along with their oldest son Osman, own and operate fifteen McDonald’s restaurants in the Texas Panhandle including the one across the street from West Texas A&M University in Canyon, which is frequented by students, faculty, and staff.  Hassan and Jill are blessed to have enjoyed many years of business success in the Texas Panhandle. They credit much of their success to hard work and community involvement. Hassan and Jill believe in giving back to the Texas Panhandle community that has contributed to their success. Read more

Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Jillian Yarbrough

Jillian Williamson Yarbrough grew up in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, with mountains and green chilis galore. Because she grew up in the desert and on wide open mesas, the landscape of the Panhandle is both familiar and particularly beautiful to her.  She came to WTAMU in 2016 as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Management. She obtained her BS in Education from Texas Christian University, her MS and PhD in Educational Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University and her MBA from Texas A&M University. Read more

ProfSpeak Hits the Blogosphere

By Dr. Nick Gerlich There are more than 31 million monthly bloggers in the US, and more than 600 million worldwide. Each year, more than two billion blog posts are made, or more than 5.7 million per day and more than 4000 per minute. But while blogging is a popular online activity for many, the College of Business was not represented in the blogosphere until this fall.  Thanks to an initiative launched Read more

Preparing Future Leaders While Giving Back to the Community

The season of giving is upon us and, with the help of the United Way of Amarillo & Canyon, Engler College of Business students are giving back to the community for the Holidays. With $10,000 in seed money, students were able to donate to four local programs. Family Support Services Crises Services  – $4,000 2-1-1 Texas Panhandle Helpline of the United Way of Amarillo & Canyon – $2,000 Buckner FYi Center – $2,000 Coalition of Health Services-Nurse Family Partnerships – $2,000 This new initiative is designed around creating a student-centered process for giving with the United Way by teaching students how to make philanthropic decisions that impact their community. Dr. Amjad Abdullat, Dean of the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business said “… most students do not have substantial funds to donate to the United Way or other agencies. Some students may have received assistance from an agency and... Read more