Student Spotlight – Eemeli Jarvinen

“Last year I decided I was not going to fight against the wind. I had to change my golf game to it, and I started learning how to hit lower shots.” If there is anyone in the College of Business who has learned the importance of adapting to whatever the conditions may be, it is Eemeli Jarvinen, 22, senior marketing major from Finland and member of the WT Men’s Golf Team. “My freshman year I decided I was going to just fight back. I was going to keep my game the exact same,” said. But stubbornness, whether on the course or in business, is not a viable long-term strategy, and Jarvinen learned a very important Read more

More Than 40 Years of Service to the College – Dr. Jim Owens

A pillar rests on a foundation and upholds the grand edifice of great structures, or at least it is so in classical greek architecture. However, this metaphor works well when we describe long and enduring contributions that are possible in the course of a fruitful and long-lasting career in higher education. This year, a dear colleague – aptly likened unto a long-standing pillar of the college – has decided to retire. After having positively impacted many thousands of students over a forty-plus year tenure Read more

Engler College of Business Golf Classic

The inaugural Engler College of Business Golf Classic was held on April 28th at Palo Duro Creek Golf course. The event was created to get together with students, alumni, and the community, and also to help raise funds for COB student scholarships. After the day was completed, over $7,000 will be used for student scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year. The weather fortunately was kind for the first nine, but proved a bit more challenging as the day went on. For two teams, the day went well enough to tie at 57 forcing a scorecard playoff and a win for the Wilson Haag, PLLC group Read more

Message from the Dean – Winter 2021

This is a special time of the year for all of us. It is a time for celebration and a time for contemplation, gratitude, and reflection. While we are entering a second holiday period under unusual circumstances, what has not changed is our willingness to celebrate the accomplishments and progress of the past year. As I reflect on a year like no other, I am especially appreciative of the support of our stakeholders. Their steadfast support of, and belief in, the fundamental mission of the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business is a continued source of strength. I am also grateful for, and proud of, the strident commitment of our Read more

Dr. Anne Macy

Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Anne Macy

We are pleased to feature Dr. Anne Macy, Edwards Professor of Finance, and recipient of the 2021 Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business Excellence in Professional Service award, in our faculty spotlight for this issue.  In an interview, Dr. Macy shares how long-term professional service remains a key ingredient in the long-term health of the college. For business faculty, professional service is both a cornerstone and keystone. As a cornerstone, the foundation of an academic’s professional life is to contribute: to the development of students, to the scientific discourse within their discipline, and in the enrichment of the institution and the community at large. In this manner, a cornerstone is foundational. As a keystone, professional service synthesizes the sum of professional activity in address of a fundamental question underlying the value of higher education: Cui bono (who benefits?). Higher education exists within the proposition that collective societal benefit is... Read more