Message from the Dean – Spring 2022

As we wrap up the 2021-2022 academic year, we have cheered and applauded the Class of ’22 who have walked across the stage at graduation. This is a time of celebration and reflection, when we honor our graduates and their wonderful accomplishments. All things considered, these future leaders have persevered through another year of uncertainty, challenges, and change. These students enjoy the head start afforded by a world-class education, earned through the completion of a rigorous business curriculum.  I share in the pride that these students feel and I am confident that the opportunities that the world holds for them are wide open. I am fascinated by the successes that our graduates will go on to accomplish. I know my colleagues and I are proud of the part that we in the College have played to shape another class of leaders who will positively change the world around us.

In this issue, we share exciting developments and perspectives on how the College and the University continue to positively impact the community we serve.  Above all, higher education provides opportunities for growth and discovery.  Among the greatest measures of this growth are the successes of our students and alumni.  We share with you the story of Shannon and Josh Pukl, who have parlayed their pharmacological and business acumen into a successful startup venture.  The range and depth of the lives we touch is enduringly remarkable.  Eemili Jarvinen is an athlete on the WT Men’s Golf Team and constitutes the epitome of the global reach and impact of the college. We share his his perspectives as a student from Finland who has happily adjusted to life on the high plains as a Buffalo.  As the ultimate expression of lifelong learning, we are pleased to celebrate the honorary doctorate conferred on our most prominent benefactor and advocate, Dr. Paul Engler.  The recognition of Paul Engler by the University is a great source of pride and an opportunity for all members of the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business to show their gratitude and appreciation.

The Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business strives to inculcate a spirit of community service in our students and graduates.  Brandy Carr shares with us how one of our newest student organizations in the college, the Engler Business Ambassadors, is dedicated to promoting the benefits and virtues of the college as an asset to the community. We are blessed by the confidence and enthusiasm from the College’s most ardent supporters.  We honor Dr. Stanley Schaeffer in our Legacy Spotlight as he exemplifies a love of WT that is arguably peerless.

The lasting legacy of the College’s community footprint as it affords the possibility to leave a lasting imprint on the lives of those around us.  Dr. Jim Owens has retired from WT after over 40 years of service to the college, and a lifetime of making a positive and life-changing impact on our students.  This is a phenomenal accomplishment and the chance to make a difference that few experience.  Thank you, Dr. Owens! 

In this issue, we also report on other events that strengthen our links to the community.  In April, we celebrated both student and community successes with our Student and Community Awards Symposium.  Additionally, in April, the College hosted the first annual Engler Golf Tournament to facilitate friendly competition to generate additional scholarship funds for our students.

Here at the end of an academic year, I reflect on many aspects of the college. Foremost, I am humbled by my charge in stewardship of the assets of the College. As they are our core competency, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the excellent work done by the faculty and staff of the College.  During a period that marked a full return to on-campus activities, we have collectively met many great challenges. I am immensely proud of our shared capacity to adapt, grow, and care for one another as colleagues with the shared objective of providing a great education for our students.

Moving forward towards the summer, our work continues. Where at times, the campus becomes a little quieter in the summer, we will be here, preparing for the next herd of future Buffalos. We hope you will join us in this vital work.

We are pleased to share the ongoing excitement, success, and innovation shown in these newsletters. On behalf of the staff and the faculty, I wish you a relaxed and exciting summer break and I look forward to seeing you next fall.

If you have a story that you would like to be considered for future newsletters, contact 
Lynsee Bjork.